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Aviation Organizations & Govenment

Our govenment is here to help us. So here's some places... wait... you don't believe our govenment is here to help us? OK, I'll put some non-governmental organizations first. However, the fact is in my experience with aviation related governmental agencies, they're just not that bad. Sure, there are some large issues of contention. But on a practical basis, the dealings I've had with FAA personnel or NWS weather personnel have been far better than any other government agencies. (Consider your state DMV or your federal IRS friends.) The aviation people are ok as far as I'm concerned.

National Aeronautical Charting Office - NACO Order aviation charts and publications directly from the source.
http://www.aopa.org The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. (AOPA) If you're a pilot you should be a member. This is the largest organization looking out for our collective interests. If you're not supporting it, you're not supporting your priviledge to fly.
http://www.eaa.org/ The Experimental Aviation Association, (EAA) Helping people build and fly light airplanes.
http://www.faa.gov/ Federal Aviation Administration
http://greenwichmeantime.com/ It's about Time.


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