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It's great checking out new or just different places. Getting there, however, isn't usually the most fun. Unless you can afford the time to just go cross country by car/truck, (which is fun), or the money for private jet, (starting at around $2000/hour), you're stuck in the cattle movers. Here's some of the best ways to find the least expensive ones.

Link to Expedia.com

One of my top two favorites. Search for flights and more right here...

Link to Orbitz.com

This would be the other of my top two favorites. Search for flights right here!

They all can orgainize results by lowest fare. But worth checking out.
Not a service. Just an airline. But since I've had such good experiences flying JetBlue, I had to just put them in.
Another aggregator. One of the earliest and best. Tries to collect up the best fares. Compare with lowestfares above.




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