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Aviation Weather

It's hard to find a pilot who's not also somewhat of a weather geek. There's good reasons for this. While pilot's may be naturally curious about things in general, weather is one that can make things difficult or maybe kill you. Since this is considered a poor outcome for a flight, we like to look at and understand weather.

ADDS - Prognotic Chart
ADDS - Wind/800Mb/6000'
ADDS - Wind/900Mb/3000'
ADDS - Wind/Surface
AOPA - Radar Summary
AOPA - Surface Chart (12 Hour)
AOPA - Surface Chart (current)
AOPA - Weather Depiction
NOAA - Storm Prediction Center
NWS - Convective Sigmets
Lifted Index
   NOAA - Lifted Index
   Unisys - Lifted Index
   GOES Skew-T Sounding Plots    (look for K.I. in Skew-T plot for K-index)

NWS - Low Level SIGWX Progs

NWS - Current Icing Potential

High Level First Check

Check these in sequence. When done, get the full DUATS report.


Additional Weather Sites

USNO Sunrise/Sunset Times

ADDS - Aviation Digital Data Service Homepage


Interactive Weather Information Network

EarthWatch Communications, Inc. - Welcome

NOAA - National Weather Service
NWS Internet Weather Source

The Weather Underground

Weather Tools & Education
FSS Direct Telephone Numbers Direct dial numbers for Flight Service Stations. May be useful in places where cell phone users are automatically shunted to home area code FSS rather than the local one they'd prefer.
Link to My-Cast Pilot WeatherPilot My-Cast Selected pilot weather available on Java and Get-It-Now/BREW enabled cell phones. Includes METARs, TAF, various radar and graphical products.

The Online weather ground school

NWS New York Metro Area




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