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One of the best things about the Internet is being able to connect or re-connect with people. One of the worst things about the Internet is that some of those people you might not want to be re-connected with can maybe find you. Access to personal information and the privacy issues that go with this kind of power are major issues. However, basic telephone and address information has always been easily available from phone company sources. Additionally, there are other methods, reunion sites, associations and such, that provide other methods to seek out old friends, find new ones with similar interests and so on. Here are some places to try...


Beoming a popular place to register to find and be found. For everything from grade school thru university, work and military.

White Pages · Yellow Pages · Email · Maps · City Guides
The Email lookup did find one current Email address of mine. Unlike IAF below, which had very old data.

411 Locate
White Pages · Yellow Pages · Email · Public Record
Includes things like address and reverse phone number lookup.

Phone · Public Records · Ancestry

US Search
Extensive basic searches. Plus additional paid services for seeking public records. This one definitely borders on what many would consider an invasion of privacy. It's an interesting balance or argument... valid reasons for access vs. invasion of privacy. Most people likely come down on one side or ther other, but often depending on why someone wants to know. In any case, in addition to the free services, they have some paid services that can get to fairly deep personal information.

First Last State

Internet Address Finder (IAF)
Originally mostly Email addresses, they now include typical phone lookup services. Amusingly, they had several online addresses for me from the late 1980s, (CompuServe), which I haven't used in years. And a very old Yahoo address as well.

Mostly paid services, but supposedly can get to unlisted and cell phone numbers as well as a variety of background checks.

Basically a phone book. You can use the search box on the top right of this page. It's the same service, though they have more on their web site.


Military Connections - FREE Reunion Center


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