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Career Path

My professional career has been mostly in the online industry. I've had a variety of responsiblities from product build to management. Along the way, I've had the privilege to help create some very interesting and successful products and work with some amazing people. From seminal online consumer service Prodigy Services Company, (now SBC communications), through being an About.com founder, then working on aspects of the About.com/ Primedia merger, I've seen a great deal of the evolution in online services and businesses.

Around and between these efforts I've done everything from computer and online consulting to emergency medical services to snow ski instruction. It's all been interesting,educational and for the most part, great fun. In 2002, I took some time out of the corporate world to explore a bit, and complete a book project on consumer privacy that I'd been meaning to write for sometime.

Privacy Tactics Book Link

After the book was done, I did some small business consulting until taking a Director job at ClubMom.com. After about a year, the start-up bug hit again, and I've subsequently been working on this new project as a founder in a new company working on identity and security related technologies. (Details as yet unavailable.)

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