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National/Global SCUBA Links

PADI Link   Professional Association of Diving Instructors
Diver's Alert Network
  Diver's Alert Network - Diver safety, evac from nowhere to medical care, etc.
Scubaboard.com Link   ScubaBoard - Best SCUBA board.on the 'net. News, gear, travel, clubs, etc.
Scubadiving Magazine Link
  scubadiving.com - Rodale's SCUBA diving magazine.
Digital Diver Link   digitaldiver.com - Tons of information and a forum for underwater digital photographers.
  Find a dive buddy listings.
  Marine Conditions & Data
SCUBA Portal Site   From About.com
NavSea OOC   Office of the Director of Ocean Engineering, Supervisor of Salvage and Diving, USN

Northeast U.S. Dive Links

Dutch Springs   PA Quarry. "Underwater Amusement Park" Popular training site.
  Wreck Sites, Biology, local events.
  Ramsey & Rochelle Park, NJ Dive Shop


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