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Find Meetups near you Free Meetup alerts - find events near you! - Meetup is, in my opinion, the best social networking site. Because it helps people in the real world, whether it's for business or hobbies.
Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine An early 'net magazine. From 1994 study, applications related to human communication and interaction in online environments.
Creating Public Space in Cyberspace The Rise of the New Community Networks A 1995 paper by Doug Schuler
Howard Rheingold

One of the top community/pundit types. Has several books on the topic...

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Virtual Communities Smart Mobs


Judith Donath Homepage MIT Media Lab researcher. (If there still is a media lab.) But in any case, papers on semantics and how people converse online.
Sherry Turkle Another MIT Lab folk. Has a couple of books on online interaction.
Life on the Screen

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