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Aviation: Flight Training

A good pilot is always Training! Most General Aviation pilots don't get to fly as much as we'd like. So to keep your head in the game, it's helpful to at least keep studying.

http://www.aviationsafetymagazine.com/ First thing I read when I get it.
http://www.ifr-magazine.com This would be the 2nd thing I read when I get it.
http://www.aopaflighttraining.org/ftmag/index.cfmAOPA Flight Training Magazine Actually, sometimes I'll read this one first when I get it. The point? All of these top three are worth getting. The website is still a bit weak on this one. But the print publication is great.
Fergworld: Training Section
Fergworld: Homepage
An amazing effort by the site owner. Online simulators for ADF, VOR, HSI, Holding Pattern entries and more. Very high quality. Very helpful.
Never Get Lost Interpretation of radio navigation. A whole book online in PDF format. This was first written for a European audience, so some of the wording may seem a bit odd for US oriented pilots. But the basic information is overwhelmingly helpful.


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